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๐ŸŒŸ Welcome to Cleanlab Studio! ๐ŸŒŸ

Cleanlab Studio is an AI-powered data curation tool used by thousands of analysts, data scientists, and engineers to improve the quality of their data and resulting model/analytics.

To quickly get started, refer to our tutorials that cover specific examples.

To learn more about specific Cleanlab Studioย features, review the Concepts guide.

Getting Startedโ€‹

Cleanlab Studio offers three workflows, so you have the ability to choose how youโ€™d like to improve your data.

Cleanlab Studio Web Interfaceโ€‹

Web-based interface that facilitates quick data curation without you having to write any code. Get started here.

Cleanlab Studio Project View

Cleanlab Studio Python APIโ€‹

Python API for programmatic data curation that offers additional capabilities beyond the Web Interface. Get started here.

Cleanlab Studio API view

Cleanlab Studio Command Line (CLI)โ€‹

Minimal command line interface for direct access to the smart metadata columns that Cleanlab Studio produces for your data. Get started here.

Cleanlab Studio CLI view

Need help?โ€‹

Our team of experts is here to support your Data/AI projects! See various ways to get help on our Community page.

Remember: Cleanlab Studio works for image, text, and structured/tabular datasets! Some Cleanlab functionalities may be demonstrated here for say an image dataset, but you can apply the same functionality to data from the other two modalities.