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🌟 Welcome to Cleanlab Studio! 🌟

Cleanlab Studio is a no-code, enterprise data correction tool used by thousands of analysts, data scientists, and engineers to improve the quality of their data and resulting model and analytics.

If this is your first time here, check out the Web Quickstart.

To learn more about specific features within Cleanlab Studio, take a look under the Concepts category.

Getting Started​

Cleanlab Studio offers three workflows so you have the ability to choose how you’d like to improve your data.

Cleanlab Studio Web​

Web-based interface that allows for visual correction of data. Get started here.

Cleanlab Studio Project View

Cleanlab Studio Python API​

Python API that allows for correction of data programmatically via Jupyter Notebook, IDE, etc. Get started here.

Cleanlab Studio API view

Cleanlab Studio Command Line (CLI)​

Command line interface for direct access to columns added by Cleanlab Studio. Get started here.

Cleanlab Studio CLI view

Support and Resources​

Have questions or need help? Want to learn more? Check out our community or the FAQ.

Remember: Cleanlab Studio works for image, text, and structured/tabular datasets! Some Cleanlab functionalities may be demonstrated here for say an image dataset, but you can apply the same functionality to data from the other two modalities.